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ProMarine RC

Pro Marine RC designs all of our boats with the Racer, Sport RC Hobbiest, and Modeler in mind. Our designs are stable, fast, and beautiful.
From the handlaid fiberglass, to the custom graphics (designed by Stephen Miles Design), they are built to last.
The owner of Pro Marine RC, Michael Stancombe, is a World and National Champion Offshore Racer. He has personally won four of his six championships racing Skater Powerboats and he won two consecutive years using the PLIMITED Cat Class.
His models have also raced in the Indianapolis Admirals Club Summer Fast Electric Series.

Ultimately all of us here at Pro Marine RC wanted a better products than what were currently being offered on the racing market.
We wanted a boat that could run 4s or 6s batteries without any additional purchases.
We wanted a real beryllium propeller to get you started.
We wanted custom graphics designed by a professional.
And finally, that is what we have! After more than a year and a half of testing, Pro Marine RC is proud to introduce the…

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